Diversity work with savoir-faire

I’ve been preparing for an upcoming trip to Paris by listening to the Michel Thomas’ Speak French for Beginners course. In one of the recordings, Thomas points out that the words voir, avoir and savoir are built up by adding one new letter to the head of the word, first an “a” and then an “s.” This relationship between the French words for “to see,” “to have” and “to know” prompted these reflections on the sorts of activities needed to build up support for diversity and inclusion.

voir – to see
Diversity and inclusion starts with awareness.
The word voir reminds us that we need to see that there is an issue around being inclusive and honoring diversity. In addition, we need to see not only the diversity around us, but also the diversity within us — we are all part of an interlocking set of groups/identities and at the same time a unique culture of one.

avoir – to have
Diversity and inclusion requires resolve.
The word avoir reminds us that we need to have the courage and strength in order improve our homes, our workplaces and our play spaces. Having passion for and commitment around diversity and inclusion makes our efforts sustainable because they become something internally driven rather than externally imposed.

savoir – to know
Diversity and inclusion necessitates know-how and its practical application.
The word savoir reminds us that we need to know how to put our ideals and aspirations into action and those around us need to know that we hold ourselves accountable for the results of these efforts. For diversity and inclusion work to be effective, we need also need to know if what we are doing is working through evaluation and feedback.

Diversity and inclusion demands SAVvy – to see, to have and to know. When we work to be savvy about diversity and inclusion, we SAVe-nergy, energy that can be put toward better performance. SAVvy D&I practitioners aren’t smug, but they do remember to SAV-o(u)r their successes.

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Diversity work with savoir-faire